Intensive Training for 3Ls & Attorneys Building Marketable Skills to
Enter the Job Market or Learning to Start a Law Firm.

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Build Job-Getting Skills or Start a Law Firm. No Prior Experience Required.

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Learn with Instructional Videos and Line-by-Line Analysis.

35 Years

All Courses Taught by an Attorney with 35 Years of Legal Experience.

Bankruptcy Scholar Certificate

Pass the 250-Question Bankruptcy Scholar Certificate Exam and Increase Marketability.

Tax Scholar Certificate

Pass the 650-Question IRS Tax Controversy Scholar Certificate Exam and Increase Marketability.

Build Job-Getting Skills or Start a Law Firm.

Comprehensive Training from A to Z.

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Build Job-Getting Skills

Start a Law Firm

Speakers Bureau

Alumni and 3Ls should view their law school career advisor as a partner in their professional development. Law school career advisors serve as a vital lynchpin between the college of law and career success. Career advisors are committed to maximizing job placement for 3Ls, finding employment for recent graduates, and helping alumni explore new career paths or re-enter the job market. is an effective tool to assist career advisors and alumni/3Ls. The website offers the most comprehensive online training experience in the marketplace today and a certificate to prove it! The website provides comprehensive training to recent graduates/3Ls who desire to increase job prospects by building real-world marketable skills prior to entering the job market. The website is also perfect for alumni exploring a new career path or re-entering the job market. These skills increase marketability and enhance job prospects. also includes substantive training in the areas of bankruptcy and tax law for alumni/3Ls who have not secured employment and are considering starting a law firm. The website offers client development courses and substantive legal skills that can be marketed to needy clients who will pay legal fees. Users are also offered a collaborative environment, client-friendly website, personalized web-page, professional email address, professional business cards, and more.

The Speakers Bureau offers both one-hour webinars and comprehensive multi-day training sessions for lawyers wishing to build highly marketable job-getting skills in consumer bankruptcy law or tax controversy law. The Speakers Bureau also offers live seminars and webinars on the fundamentals of starting a law firm and developing a client base. Contact Us or your career advisor for more information.

Option 1

Build Job-Getting Skills.

Increase your prospects of landing a solid job offer by developing a skill set employers demand and a certificate to prove it! Law is a business and law firms hire associates who they believe will help increase the law firms’ profits. Training a newbie lawyer is an unwanted expense of the business and decreases profits thru lost time and reduced billable hours. Gain the job-seeking advantage by building a skill set that puts you in high demand.

Ask yourself, “Who’s going to get the job offer: a newbie who needs training or an associate already possessing the skill set that will help generate profits on day one?” The person with the job-getting skills, of course, is going to get the job offer.

Option 2

Start a Law Firm.

Invest in your future! Develop pride in yourself! Create a hybrid virtual law firm and reap the rewards of your law school education – powered by the’s network of collaborating  lawyers. View other network lawyers as unofficial “partners” in your professional development. Our motto is “work together while practicing independently.”

Develop substantive and marketable skills. Earn professional certificates. Enjoy the tools that project professionalism like a website and professional email address. Promote your own personalized web page. Learn how to generate clients with marketing campaigns. Discover the secrets of becoming a rainmaker and closing the deal at the initial client consultation. And more!

Option 3

Join a Law Firm.

Have you considered joining a bankruptcy boutique law firm as a junior partner, shareholder of a professional corporation, or member of a law firm LLC? Make an investment in your future! The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm, LLC* is seeking lawyers to join its boutique as a partial owner of the firm. That’s right, a member of the LLC with ownership rights. Not everyone will qualify of course. The firm is seeking self-motivated, hard-working, entrepreneurial-spirted professionals.

The Bankruptcy Justice Law Firm members enjoy collaboration with a bankruptcy master, webinars, marketing materials, client development instructions, substantive & procedural bankruptcy training, Robert Schaller’s 6-volume “Bankruptcy MasterClass Practice System & Toolkit,” lawyer-to-lawyer forum, client communication software, blog, and more.

Join the List of Successful Bankruptcy and Tax Controversy Attorneys

Develop job-getting skills or start a law firm. Expand your opportunities to include Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and IRS Offer in Compromise clients. Gain financial security.

Feel appreciated by clients who are truly thankful you saved them from crushing debt. Give clients a financial fresh start in life — debt-free from IRS taxes, credit cards, medical bills, vehicle repossessions, and foreclosure. Instead of working with clients who grudgingly pays their invoices, start helping clients who pay in advance and thank you from the bottom of their heart.

Our Awesome Pricing Plans For You

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$249/ month
Everything you get with OPTION 1, plus:
Access to an additional 24 courses:
✔ 14 Law Firm Building Courses
✔ 10 Client Development Courses
Access to client development tools:
✔ Professional Website for Clients
✔ Your Personalized Web Page
✔ Professional Email Address
✔ Professional Business Cards
✔ Lawyer-to-lawyer Q&A Forum
✔ Blog Marketing
✔ Invitation to Webinars on Client Development
✔ Invitation to Webinars on Substantive & Procedural Issues

Meet Our Featured Instructor

He is highly qualified in bankruptcy law.

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Bankruptcy/Tax Attorney & Registered CPA
Bob started his own law firm and has practiced law for more than 35 years. He has filed more than 3,000 cases and argued cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court, and U.S. Bankruptcy Court. He has authored 22 books including the 500-page book titled: "Career Advisor's Resource To Starting a Solo Law Firm: Exploring a New Career Path" and the 6-volume "Bankruptcy MasterClass Practice System & Toolkit." He also authored the 654-page book titled "IRS Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements & Innocent Spouse Relief."
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Law School Career Advisor anticipates adding additional courses from guest speakers from time to time. In addition, the Law School Career Advisor anticipates offering video conferencing and in-person boot camps to teach lawyers how to start a law firm and add a bankruptcy/tax practice. Also, the Law School Career Advisor anticipates offering video conferencing and in-person boot camps to teach lawyers bankruptcy fundamentals covering topics including client intake, drafting schedules and statements, the Section 341 meeting of creditors, and common motion practice.

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