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LexLawLawyers is proud to offer additional services at a la carte pricing. Some lawyers want their own website to enhance professionalism.  No problem. LexLawLawyers is ready to develop a professional website tailored just for you. Almost all lawyers will be using social media as part of their marketing strategy. Let LexLawLawyers designs a high-quality 15-30 second video ready for uploading to the social media platform of your choice.

Yet other lawyers may want private one-on-one coaching on a variety of topics ranging from client generation to legal education. We’re happy to provide that service too. These services are not included in the monthly/annual membership pricing to keep the membership costs at affordable prices. Not every lawyer will want all of the a la carte services. So LexLawLawyers offers the services to those who want these services while allowing other lawyers to save money.

Website Development. Personalized Websites to Enhance Professionalism.


Website services. LexLawLawyers offers proprietary website development to create a personalized website that features you and your legal services. The package includes:

  • Developing a 5-page website consisting of a home page, practice-description page, about-you-directory page (featuring your picture & education & accomplishments), blog page, and contact-us page. We provide the graphics. You provide the text and your picture.
  • URL (website address) of your choosing, subject to availability of course.
  • Hosting services that store the personalized website and makes it available to the world.
  • Personalized email address – [your name]@[name of your website].com.
  • Cost: $750 plus $75 per month.

Social Media Videos. Generate Clients thru Social Media.


Social media videos. LexLawLawyers offers video creation services to propel your next marketing campaign to greater success. The package includes:

  • Developing professional-looking 15-30 second videos specifically designed for uploading to social media platforms. We provide the graphics and sound. You provide the text.
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter friendly.
  • Cost: $250

Coaching Services. Enjoy Private One-on-One Time with a Professional.


Coaching services. LexLawLawyers offers you Zoom training when you want private one-on-one time with an expert on the topic of your choice. The package includes:

  • Law firm creation & mechanics training.
  • Advertising training.
  • Marketing training.
  • Client-closing training.
  • Bankruptcy education training.
  • Tax-controversy education training.
  • Sorry, no legal advice can be given.
  • Cost: $100/hour. Minimum unit is one hour.

Tech Training for the CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software.


Tech training services. The CRM is vital to the success of your practice. But like all new technology, it can be difficult to master. Let LexLawLawyers provide private one-on-one training.

  • Cost: $100/hour. Minimum unit is one hour.


Contact Us about a la carte service. Thank you.