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CA 114: Benefits of a Bankruptcy Practice

Benefits of Starting a Bankruptcy Practice. Generate a $100,000 in legal fees the first year and never look back! Sound impossible?  No, it is not.  The bankruptcy field is uniquely tailored for a young attorney starting a law firm.  It is not difficult to master the substantive area of law,…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 108: The Bankruptcy Process

Understanding the Bankruptcy Process Studying these courses should help any attorney feel more competent to file his/her first Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Attorneys who embrace these courses will be able to better understand the Chapter 7 legal requirements, anticipate bankruptcy issues, and carefully prepare the required petition, schedules, and statements.…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 110: U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Exploring the U.S. Bankruptcy Code The Bankruptcy Code is the most authoritative source of bankruptcy law. The Bankruptcy Code is divided into “chapters” just like a book. For individuals seeking to discharge their debts without making any payments, the most relevant Bankruptcy Code chapters are Chapters 1, 3, 5 & 7.…