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CA 113: Protecting Client Information

Protecting Client Information. Attorneys must protect the privacy and information of clients.  Attorneys must design procedures to preserve and protect the confidential information regarding clients.  Steps include securing the documents, storing the documents, and destroying the documents.
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MK 106: Pre-Engagement Client Communications

Pre-Engagement Client Communications Every attorney should study this course before seeking his/her first client. The first lesson begins with a focus on the ethical requirements surrounding communications with prospective clients. For example, bankruptcy attorneys must be aware of the ethical rules regarding advertising and compensation imposed by their state bar.…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 107: Post-Engagement Client Communication System

Post-Engagement Client Communication System This course focuses on client communications after the client has engaged the lawyer to file bankruptcy. The first lesson addresses written engagement letters, which are a must in every bankruptcy case. A written statement articulating the terms of the engagement reduces the possibility of misunderstanding and…