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CA 109: Malpractice, Insurance & Ethics

Malpractice, Insurance and Ethics. All lawyers must educate themselves to avoid malpractice.  They should also consider malpractice insurance.  Cut corners to minimize overhead when possible, but never skip malpractice insurance.  It is affordable, monthly payment plans are available, and it is a necessity for practicing law.  A malpractice policy may…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 102: Advertising for Clients

Advertising for Clients Advertising is an important component of legal marketing. This course considers ethical issues every lawyer must understand before starting to advertise for bankruptcy clients, including specific words and phrases that must appear in every advertising piece, as required by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Advertising is a relatively…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 106: Pre-Engagement Client Communications

Pre-Engagement Client Communications Every attorney should study this course before seeking his/her first client. The first lesson begins with a focus on the ethical requirements surrounding communications with prospective clients. For example, bankruptcy attorneys must be aware of the ethical rules regarding advertising and compensation imposed by their state bar.…